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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of SpiralAction Method™?

To promote your unfoldment and support the potential of others. By using the power contained in energetic body-mind repatterning,  SpiralAction Method™ redirects misperceptions that hinder your system’s ability to make evolutionary choices toward fulfillment of your personal goals.



How does SpiralAction Method™ work?


SpiralAction Method™ gracefully organizes disturbances within your operating system. With gentle movements, engaging musical compositions, and personalized Spiral Timeline Maps, in a pleasure-filled way, spontaneous changes in your concepts, attitudes, and beliefs can easily occur. 



What makes SpiralAction Method™ different from other systems?


Students learn how to adopt SpiralAction Method™ Movement Geometry patterns. By using the individuality of your body-mind style you create calibrated balancing properties that evoke evolutionary influences related to particular themes.



What types of activities are used in SpiralAction Method™?


Carefully designed within a 2-day seminar experience, there is a graceful balance between action and inner work. The themes are consistent. They are directed to help people overcome inner conflicts. Discover resolutions by widening awarenesses to integrate inner wisdoms through your involuntary and voluntary areas inside.  See the list offered on the Schedule Page.



How can SpiralAction Method™ help me?


When life experiences and your conscious desires are in a disagreement, call upon SpiralAction to reorder the power struggle that occurs when inner motivations are in opposition to conscious desires. 


What are the on-going benefits of the SpiralAction Method™?

Through the Six Steps of this training, a grander mission unfolds. This is to build attitudes of confidence, caring, and resourcefulness while engaged in daily life. Many who have experienced the Six Steps have enhanced self-worth, well-being, and their dignity while widening communication skills with others through loyal confidence within.


Why haven’t I heard of SpiralAction Method™ before?


Since 2008 Dr. Sue Gurnee has shared these steps in seminars in the United States and in Europe. Now practitioners around the world, who are certified under direct guidance of Dr. Gurnee, are making SpiralAction Method available in many more cities and resort areas.



Is SpiralAction Method™ a group activity?


SpiralAction Method™ is designed to be useful for personal development after group training during the seminars. The power of people practicing together not only makes the process more enjoyable, but opens participants to gathering new friends and helpful colleagues.



How do I find a seminar?


SpiralAction Method™ seminars are being hosted in a variety of locations - north, south, east, and west.  


Information and updates can be found on this website.

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